Uki Masahiro (1550 - 1572) was the first antagonist of series. He was a skilled ninja who excelled in Kenjutsu.

Uki Masahiro

Debut Episode 2
Birthday 1550 AD
Age 22 (Deceased)
Height 5'6"
Affiliation Miktai, Japan

Shadow Seekers (Formally)

Personality Edit

Uki seemed to have a belligerent personality. He went so far as to try and kill Matsumaru and Seki. He even gave no sympathy when he killed Souke Murayama.

Abilities Edit

He seemed to have great speed and weaponry expertise. He was also knowledgeable when he came to Explosive Thread.

Appearance Edit

Uki Masahiro looked like a ninja. He had all the clothes: top-knot, black suit, and sandals. He also had a katana(which he never bothered to use) and a sai.

Background Edit

Uki Masahiro was born sometime in the year: 1550 AD. He trained himself how to use weapons and create his own weapons. He also killed his parents to gain better control of his movements since he accidentally blasted himself in the head; in the current storyline: he is normal thus meaning that his brain cells regenerated by unknown means. Over time, he started to developed an unknown disease that is curable but by the Miktai and Kyoto doctors. Souke, Dubious and Mapp pursued him but failed as Uki killed Souke by pushing him off a cliff. His trail was lost after that.

History Edit

Uki Masahiro Arc Edit

Uki appeared as a Phantom Ninja and attacked the village. After detection he introduced himself. Than Koi interfered and stated that Uki killed his grandfather. This enraged Matsumaru and stated that he was going to kill him. Seeing this: Uki took off his gauntlets and he took out his claws and put them onto his hands. He charges for Matsumaru and pierces his left hand. He than removes it and watches as some blood jumps out of his palm. Uki used this opportunity to punch Matsumaru in the face and make him fly a few good feet. Uki then pulled out an electrified sai and Matsumaru attacked, he was paralyzed by the blade. His entire left arm was paralyzed. Koi then threw smoke bombs to stop Uki from killing Matsumaru. Though the fight was not seen: Uki jumped out with a paralyzed arm and a black eye and he fled to the forest. In the forest Uki was stopped by Seki and Cunai. Cunai went off to finish setting up the thread. Seki stayed and fought Uki but he cut off Seki's arm and Cunai heard his screams; along with Matsumaru and Koi. Cunai moved Seki to a safe place and then he went to fight Uki, himself. Cunai pulled a kunai out and blocked Uki's sai. He pushed him off of the kunai and stabbed him in the stomach. He threw the kunai but Cunai deflected it by throwing a kunai. Cunai made a plan and flipped him off. Uki chased after him and when they got to the middle of the the forest. Cunai threw a shruiken and it cut the threads. Uki couldn't move fast enough and they were caught in the blast. Matsumaru and Koi got to the blast sight and didn't notice any sign of life. Until, Uki burst out of the ground and Koi attacked him but he fled. Koi ordered Matsumaru to chase after him while he unearths Cunai. Uki arrived at Shark's Lake and Matsumaru arrived a second later. The two betted each other and they battled each other as well. Than Matsumaru tricked Uki into stabbing the ground and Matsumaru slashed Uki straight down the middle. He than kicked him into the ribs and grabbed his shirt before he fell into Shark's Lake. Matsumaru saw that Uki didn't want to die and he saw that Matsumaru did. So he grabbed him and pulled him down to the lake. In the lake, a great white shark caught Uki and devoured him, leading a trail of blood to where the shark took him.

Trivia Edit

  • Masahiro means: broad-minded.

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