Souke Murayama (1484 - 1564) was Koi's father and Matsumaru's grandfather. He died by Uki Masahiro's hand.

Souke Murayama

Debut Episode
Birthday 1484 AD
Age 80 (Deceased)
Relations Koi Murayama (Son)

Matsumaru Murayama (Grandson) Unnamed Daughter-in-Law

Affiliation Miktai, Japan

Personality Edit

What has been shown of Souke, is that he is a caring person. Going as far as not to attack Uki for trying to kill him. He even offered to help him.

Appearance Edit

He was a tall, thin and older man. He wore gold armor on his shoulders, knees, and torso. He had a black skin tight suit and he wore black gloves and red boots. He carried two katanas on both thy. His hair was silver and had a short silver beard and grey eyes. His hair was wrapped into a top knot

Abilities Edit

All of Souke's abilities are unknown. But it can be inferred that he is skilled in Kenjutsu as he trained his son and his son trained, his grandson.

Background Edit

Souke was born circa 1485 AD. He was trained in the art of Knejutsu. Than after having a son, he trains him in Kenjutsu and than his son trained his grandson. One night: he pursued Uki Masahiro and when he ordered Mapp and Dubious to go separate ways; he trailed Uki. In the end: he killed Souke by pushing him off a cliff.

Trivia Edit

  • Souke is pronounced Soak.

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