Shadow Rain: The Movie is the first movie that takes place after the Kyoto Saga and before the Shadow War Reignited Saga.

Shadow Rain the Movie
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Alternative Name(s):Shadow Rain: the Movie: Wrath of the Shadow Rain
Romanji:Kage no Ame: Sono Ega
Writer: Hamachi

Synopsis Edit

On a stormy night: invaders from the small island named: Taigo invades Miktai. The Daimyo dies in battle as he and many others are trying so hard not to succumb to these invaders. As a funeral is held for all those who lost their lives: Matsumaru is not attending due to the fact that his father was mortally wounded during the invasion. Seeing as he is going to die in a month's time: Tetsu takes Matsumaru out to find a cure but he is stopped by Taigoians; that didn't die from the invasion. Their plan: resurrect the founder of their village and have him continue what he started 500 years ago. Which was to use the Shadow Rain to gain ultimate power and destroy every country, and resurrect the dead, in order to make them do his bided, forever. Matsumaru, Tetsu, Cunai, Seki, Fushidara gets word of this and try to stop him but are severely injured when faced with Aoki's Men overpowered them. All six of them are thrown in jail. Tetsu uses his unnamed ability and breaks out of jail. With all six of them out of the slammer: they devise a plan. Meanwhile: the citizens of earth are being controlled by the Shadow Rain. Team One; consisting of: Cunai, Tetsu, and Semaru, uses themselves as a distraction to distract Io, Ko, and Lo. While Team One distracts the trio: Team Two; consisting of: Shujin, Matsumaru, Shruiken, Seki gets into the base that Aoki is hiding in along with the Shadow Rain. More unidentified Taigoian warriors attacks but Shujin, Shuriken and Seki battles them while Matsumaru ran for the Thorn Room. When he gets to the room: Aoki is buffed and transformed into a huge lizard-like-humanoid-monster. Matsumaru and Aoki battle and Matsumaru is severely overpowered. Until: he realizes that the Shadow Rain is trying to extract it self from Aoki; but is stuck in his heart. Matsumaru grabs his katana and slices his mid-section open; revealing the Shadow Rain. He blasts the Rain with his Black Fire but it doesn't make it budge. Than Aoki regenerates his missing mid-section and than turns his attention to Matsumaru. He attacks Matsumaru and he erupts into a demonic form that destroys most of the thorn room in one blast. Aoki, fearing death, retreats from the island and flies to the top of the mountain and Matsumaru is already waiting. He got to the top: only to be scared by Matsumaru's demonic presence that he almost loses his footing. Demon Matsumaru then punches a fist size hole in his stomach but this didn't stop him. Using the Shadow Rain: he regenerates the hole in his stomach and gut punches Matsumaru, than slams him into the mountain face. Matsumaru than looks down and jumps into the ocean below. Aoki, thinking he's dead, follows him. Matsumaru's katana surfaced from the ocean below and just as Aoki lands on the surface of the water. The sword pierces his chest and in turn: The Shadow Rain. Aoki is than transformed into a stone and grumbles into the ocean. The Rain gets scared and tries to escape from Matsumaru's grip but he holds it tightly. Shujin and Tetsu helps him up onto the surface of the ocean face and they run back to Rain Island. Tetsu disables the protective force field and Matsumaru puts the Rain back on the pedestal and walks away. Tetsu enables the barrier and they teleport home. There: Matsumaru visits Riyu's grave site and remembers the time he had with him. He walks back home and lays on his bed and closes his eyes.

Trivia Edit

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