The timeline for the series.

Official Timeline Edit

Years of Events When did it happen? (Years Ago)
10,000 BC 8,428 yrs ago
It is said that the Shadow Rain is created.
490 AD 1,082 yrs ago
The Shadow War starts.
572 AD 1,000 yrs ago
War continues to wage against every nation and continent to find the Shadow Rain. Many brave and nameless shinobi and samurai die in their attempt to find it.

Aoki is born.

590 AD 982 yrs ago
The War ends in total failure, thus ending a 100 year conflict.

Japanese monks take the Shadow Rain and seal it away from anybody who may want to take it.

1420s AD Sometime around 150 Yrs Ago
Japan's Unnamed Daimyo is born.
1474 AD98 years ago
Tetsu is born.
1530 AD 42 yrs ago'
Koi Murayama is born.

The first Kyoto Tournament is held in Jimmu Stadium.

1532 AD38 years ago
Richard Yorikuma is born.
1538 AD34 Yrs ago
Semaru is born.
1547 AD25 years ago
Shujin Shinjiru is born.
1550 AD 22 yrs ago
Masahiro is born.
1555 AD 17 yrs ago
An unknown shinobi finds the Shadow Rain but is killed by an unseen force.
'1561 AD 12 years ago
Matsumaru Murayama is born.

Kaishoku Fushidara is born.

1562 AD 11 years ago
Edward Yorikuma is born.
1572 AD Current Storyline
Matsumaru and Cunai make a wish on a shooting star. It is unknown what they wished for. An unnamed ninja looms over the village waiting to strike.

The Phantom Ninja raids Miktai.

Matsumaru faces off against him.

Koi watches as Matsumaru fights him.

Matsumaru slugs Uki in the face.

Cunai leaves to set the Explosive Thread up.

Koi throws smoke bombs and covers the battlefield.

He jumps in and punches Uki's eye; causing a black eye and paralyzes his arm.

Uki runs into the forest.

Seki joins Cunai.

Seki battles Uki.

Uki cuts Seki's arm off.

Cunai takes his place.

Cunai leads Uki to the deeper part of the forest.

He cuts the thread and a explosion jumps from the thread.

Koi and Matsumaru arrives at the blast site.

They scan the area for any sign of Cunai or Uki.

Uki bursts out of the ground and Koi and Matsumaru attack.

They severely injure him and he flees.

Koi stays behind to dig out Cunai while Matsumaru chases after Uki.

Uki arrives at Shark's Lake.

Matsumaru arrives shortly after.

Uki states that Matsumaru isn't able to defeat him.

Matsumaru and Uki make a bet.

A battle ensued and Matsumaru cut Uki down the middle.

Then he punched him to the edge of the lake.

He caught him by his shirt and saw that he didn't want to die.

Uki grabs Matsumaru's arm and pulls him and Matsumaru into the water.

Before Uki could do anything: a giant, Great White Shark devours Uki; leading a trail of blood to where the shark was swimming.

Koi arrives with Cunai and Seki and they head back to the village.

Cunai and Seki are bedridden.

Tetsu and the other adults have a conversion and Matsumaru eavesdrops on them.

Tetsu sees that Matsumaru's listening in and asks him to come about.

After, finding out that Matsumaru wanted to find out how his friends are doing.

Tetsu states that the only way to heal Seki and Cunai is to take them, both, to Kyoto.

They argue about the decision to go to Kyoto.

Matsumaru couldn't stand it anymore and disappeared.

Tetsu went to talk to Matsumaru.

Shruiken broke the silence and asked what Uki was after.

Koi answered: The Shadow Rain.

Tetsu remembered a ninja years ago found the Shadow Rain but was killed by it.

He jumped out the window and disappeared.

Matsumaru arrived at Shark's Lake.

He asked Kamatori if he was there.

He surfaced and asked what was up.

Without answering: Matsumaru jumped into the lake and clung onto Kamatori.

They have a discussion and Matsumaru get out and walks home.

He gets home and falls onto his bed; asleep.

He relaxes at his house; hardly ever leaving.

Kaishoku Fushidara arrives and asks why Seki and Cunai are in the hospital.

Matsumaru answers and Fushidara doesn't listen to it.

They have a comical discussion and Fushidara tries to find a non-existent torn.

He jumps out the window.


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