Semaru (1538 -) is Seki's father. He is apparently a Seer.

Semaru Shoheki

Debut Episode 8
Birthday 1538 AD
Age 34
Height 5'8"
Relations Seki Shoheki (Son)
Affiliation Miktai, Japan

Personality Edit

Semaru seems to have a dark attitude towards everything. An example is when his son was in the hospital, he said that he won't make it.

Abilities Edit

His abilities have not been shown yet.

Appearance Edit

Semaru wore a red gi jacket and a white hakama. His eyes were black and his hair was long, untidy. He had a katana strapped to his left thy.

History Edit

Uki Masahiro Arc Edit

He makes his first appearance when his son was in the hospital.

Trivia Edit

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