Seki (1561 -) is a blind samurai. He uses his "eyes" in order to see. He can see other things that the naked eye can not.

Seki Shoheki

Debut Episode 2
Age 12 (Incapacitated)
Height 5'4"
Techniques Seeing Barriers
Relations Semaru Shoheki (Father)
Affiliation Miktai, Japan

Personality Edit

Seki seems to be very knowledgeable when it comes to force fields and attacks. He is polite to his friends as when he Cunai was carrying him to a safer location, he addressed him by Edward; Cunai's real name.

Appearance Edit

Seki wears white kimono, black obi, no sandals and had his hair in a top-not.

Abilities Edit

Seki is able to see barriers.

Background Edit

Seki Shoheki was born to Semaru and an unknown mother in 1261 AD. Until the young age of four, he was able to see. But that all changed when some unknown event caused him to lose his eyesight. His father rushed him to the doctors but the doctors were not able to save his eyesight. After that horrific event: he trained himself to see barriers and aura. After that, he struck up a friendship with Matsumaru Murayama, Edward Yorikuma and Kaishoku Fushidara.

History Edit

Uki Masahiro Saga Edit

Masahiro Uki Arc Edit

Seki watched Matsumaru slug Uki Masahiro in the face. He is not seen until Cunai was setting up the Explosive Thread. Koi fended off Uki and he ran into the forest. Seki jumped down from a tree but almost landed onto an Explosive Thread. Cunai stopped him from accidentally killing himself. He than spotted Uki running to the forest. Cunai and Seki stopped him but he[Cunai] stated that he was going to finish up and he[Seki] had to stall Uki. Seki blocked all of Uki's attacks except for one: this one chopped off his arm and Cunai came to the rescue only to picking him up and moving him to a safer spot. After the explosion: Koi unearthed him but he was incapacitated.

Recuperation Arc Edit

Seki remained in the hospital during this time.

Amazon Saga Edit

Kyoto City Arc Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only character, so far, to call Cunai by his real name.

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