Richard Yorikuma (1532 -) Edward Yorikuma's father.

Richard Yorikuma

Debut Episode 8
Birthday 1532 AD
Age 40
Height 5'9"
Relations Edward Yorikuma (Son)
Affiliation Miktai, Japan

Personality Edit

Richard has a fathering personality.

Appearance Edit

Richard has the same attire on as Koi. His hair was not though: he has dark brown hair that tied into a ponytail.

Abilities Edit

His abilities have not been seen. But it can be speculated that he has some knowledge of Explosive Thread.

History Edit

Uki Masahiro Arc Edit

He makes his first appearance when his son is in the hospital.

Trivia Edit

  • A running gag for the Yorikuma Clan is that their names are English instead of Japanese and they have "ard" at the end of their names.

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