Matsumaru Murayama (1561 -) is the main protagonist in: Shadow Rain.

Matsumaru Murayama

Debut Episode 1
Birthday 1561 AD
Sign Taurus
Age 12
Height 5'3"
Weight 38.74kg (85.23lbs)
Techniques Fire Wire
Relations Souke Murayama(Grandfather)†

Koi Murayama (Father) Unnamed Mother

Affiliation Miktai, Japan


Matsumaru had a calm personality when outside of battle. Inside battle he was cunning. He was able to trick Uki Masahiro into killing himself by a play-on-words.


Matsumaru had shown many abilities during the series.

Yokai Teishu Transformations

Matsumaru's Yokai Teishu or Demon Host Transformations were first shown during the Kyoto Tournament.

Initial Form

Basic Form

Second Form

Third Form

Full Transformation

Master Swordsmanship

Element Mastery

Speed Mastery

Master Duelist

Near Genius-Intellect


Matsumaru wore a blue kimono, tabi socks, roped sandals. His hair was cream brown and eyes were grey. When he was not wearing his kimono: he was wearing a skintight suit with gold plating on his wrists, shin and chest.


Matsumaru Murayama was born sometime in 1561 AD to Koi Murayama and an unknown mother; what happen to her after the birth of Matsumaru is unknown. His father trained him in Kenjutsu. He mastered it in a few years. During his training he met Edward also known as Cunai. The two built a bond that can not be broken. Sometime before the start of the series: Souke Murayama or Matsumaru's grandfather, left to find Uki Masahiro and that was the last time he saw him alive. He didn't know what happened to him afterwards as he was three when he died.


The series follows Matsumaru in his quest to find the Shadow Rain.

Uki Masahiro Saga

Uki Masahiro Arc

The series starts off with Cunai and Matsumaru looking up at the stars to make a wish. They make their wish and an unnamed ninja watched. Three hours later: a Phantom Ninja attacked the village and Matsumaru and Cunai are forced to fight him. Cunai and Seki saw that Matsumaru was fighting the Phantom Ninja or Uki Masahiro. Matsumaru noticed Uki on top of a tree branch and disappeared. He reappeared seconds later and slugged Uki on the left cheek. He got up and introduced himself. Koi arrived and stated that Uki killed his Grandfather. This sparked Matsumaru to kill Uki. Than Uki took off his gantlet and put his three clawed gauntlet on. They bashed each other's metal weapons. After Uki took some medicine to prolong his death: he explained what happened to night his grandfather died. Uki charged for Matsumaru and stabbed his palm. Matsumaru removed the claws and saw his hand a bloody mess. He was than slugged in the mouth and flew a good few feet. Uki pulled out a sai but he electrified it. Matsumaru, not thinking, attacked Uki but his arm was paralyzed. Stopping Uki from killing: Koi threw smoke bombs and covered the battlefield. Though the battle was not seen: Uki jumped out with a paralyzed arm and a black eye. He fled the scene and Matsumaru and Koi chased after him. Matsumaru and Koi saw the explosion that weakened Uki and he unearthed himself and fled again. Koi ordered Matsumaru to chase after him[Uki] and they arrived at Shark's Lake. Uki bet that Matsumaru could not kill or defeat him. A battle ensued: Matsumaru overpowered Uki and pushed him to the edge of the lake and saw into his eyes. He saw that he didn't want to die but Uki saw that Matsumaru wanted to, so Uki grabbed his arm and pulled him in. In the lake, Uki punched Matsumaru's chest guard but nothing happened. Than before he could do anything else: a great white shark caught Uki in it's teeth and devoured him. Matsumaru surfaced and Koi helped him out. Than he was helped out by Koi, who was holding Cunai and had Seki by his side. They ventured home.

Recuperation Arc

They got back home at sunrise and headed to the hospital. Matsumaru was eavesdropping on the adults conversion. He was found by Tetsu and he apologized. He went to see Kamatori and he said that he wished to die. Kamatori helped him get over his deathly thoughts and Matsumaru heads home and falls asleep. He woke up and was relaxing in his house for most the time. He was than interrupted by the oblivious, stupid, care-free Samurai in the world: Kaishoku Fushidara. He asked why Cunai and Seki were in the hospital and Matsumaru answered him but Fushidara wasn't paying attention. He threw Matsumaru into comical events that finally forced Matsumaru to lie to him about not going to Kyoto. Thinking this was right: Fushidara jumped out the window. Matsumaru looked down but did not comment.

Kyoto Saga

Amazon Arc

Kyoto City Arc


  • Matsumaru's favorite food(s):
    • Chicken Teriyaki
    • any type of sushi
    • Chicken flavored ramen
  • His least favorite food(s):
    • any type of cow or pig meat
    • any sour foods
  • He was born on the day the series started but 449 years ago.
  • In the series: it is stated that he is afraid of arrows and incests.
  • Every male in his clan has grey eyes. A trait passed down from each male in the bloodline.

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