Koi Murayama (1530 -) is Matsumaru's father.

Koi Murayama

Debut Episode 1
Birthday 1530 AD
Age 42
Relations Souke Murayama (Father)†

Matsumaru Murayama (Son) Unnamed Wife

Affiliation Miktai, Japan

Personality Edit

Koi is level headed and wise.

Appearance Edit

Koi wears a white gi, tabi socks and a black hakama with a katana. Inside his gi: he has a compartment that keeps smoke bombs.

Abilities Edit

Most of his abilities have no been seen in the series so far. But he seems to have full control of his katana and his attacks.

Background Edit

Koi was born sometime during 1530 AD. During his childhood: he was troubled. He was trained by his father and he never let him sleep a single night. During his adulthood: he fell in love with an unknown women and they harbored a child: Matsumaru. He later trained his son in the art of Kenjutsu. He felt a strong remorse for not helping his father when he was killed by Uki Masahiro. He never told his son until the fight against Uki.

History Edit

Uki Masahiro Saga Edit

Uki Masahiro Arc Edit

Koi made his first appearance when Matsumaru; his son, asked if telling a wish out loud will be granted. After explaining that having a wish should be chased after, Matsumaru goes to bed. He is not seen until Matsumaru slugs Uki in the face. He watched the battle against Uki and Matsumaru. He only fought when he threw smoke bombs and jumped into the smoke cloud. Thought the battle is not seen: Uki jumped out of the smoke cloud and fled. Both of the fighters(Matsumaru and Koi) rushed and chased after him. While chasing him: they saw a huge explosion. When they got to the blast site, Uki unearthed himself. Than fled again. Koi ordered Matsumaru to chase after him while he unearths Cunai. After, Uki's defeat: Koi returned with Seki and Cunai. Than he takes them to the hospital.

Recuperation Arc Edit

In the hospital: the parent of Seki and parent of Cunai were discussing how this could of happened and the course of action to be taken. When Tetsu walks into the hospital room and said that they must go to Kyoto in order to heal the wounds of Seki and Cunai. He also noticed that Matsumaru was eavesdropping on there conversion. Matsumaru entered the room through the window and Koi asked why he was not home. Tetsu asked the same question and Matsumaru replied that he wanted to see how his friends were doing. After Matsumaru left the room: Shruiken asked what Uki was after and Koi replied, yet in a worried tone of voice: The Shadow Rain.

He thinks that Matsumaru had deserved a good rest after he returned from talking with Kamatori.

Kyoto Saga Edit

Amazon Arc Edit

Kyoto City Arc Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Koi is a type of fish.

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