Kamatori is a good friend of Murayama Clan, Yorikuma Clan, and Seki's Clan. He devoured Uki.

Placeholder person

Alternative Name(s):Kama


Debut:Chapter 7 not mentioned by name

Chapter 9 name revealed

Height:12-16 feet
Weight:5000 lbs (2268 kg)

Personalty Edit

Kamatori has a kind and caring personality as when Matsumaru said he wanted to die, Kamatori said not to say such things. But when his friends are threatened than he kills or rather eats the person that tries to hurt his friends or family.

Appearance Edit

Like all sharks: he is a great white shark with a scar running down the middle of his nose. He is large enough for Matsumaru to hold onto him instead of treading water.

History Edit

Uki Masahiro Arc Edit

His first debut was when Uki pulled Matsumaru and himself into the water. Kamatori saw that one of his friends were in trouble and he raced to help him. He caught and devoured Uki before he could do anything else to Matsumaru. Later Matsumaru came back to the lake to talk to him. Kamatori surfaced yet again and asked why he was summoned. Matsumaru jumped into the lake and he grabbed onto him. Matsumaru said that he couldn't help but think about his mother and grandfather. He also couldn't stop thinking what Uki said to him. Than Matsumaru had a sudden outburst asking to die and who else would die next. Kamatori than said he shouldn't say such things and Matsumaru swam back to land and apologized for his sudden outburst. Matsumaru told him that he won't be in the area tomorrow because he has to go to Kyoto. Kamatori remembers Kyoto and sinks to the watery abyss below.

Trivia Edit

  • Kamatori being around Matsumaru follows the old saying: Sharks are MORE afraid of us, than we are of them.

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