Kaishoku Fushidara (1261 -) is a character in the series: Shadow Rain.

Kiashoku Fushidara

Debut Episode 10
Birthday 1261 AD
Age 12
Height 5'4"
Relations Kinchito Fushidara (Father)
Affiliation Miktai, Japan

Personality Edit

Fushidara is extremely oblivious. He asks one question than doens't listen to the answer and when asked if he heard it, he replies with Did I ask a question?. He also seems to be gullible. An example of this is when Matsumaru fell on his right side and Fushidara asked why he fell. Matsumaru answered and said because of a thorn in his side. Fushidara picked him up and said that he saw no hole or tear. He then asked Matsumaru is he lying to him and Matsumaru simply replied with: Would I lie to you? Fushidara than said No he wouldn't. Aside from being extremely oblivious and gullible: he is also very carefree. He always never gets worked up for stupid reasons and addresses everyone(depending on gender) with a Mr. or Mrs.

Appearance Edit

He was an untidy samurai. His kimono was loose; not tied properly. His hair was tied in an unkempt topknot; some of his hair was hanging out of the tie of the top knot, was in his face. He wore glasses that wrapped around his ears; there's one air vent on each cuff. He wore roped sandals that didn't seem to be in the best condition. He had his katana absurd on his right thy; the wrong thy.

Abilities Edit

He has not shown any abilities.

History Edit

Uki Masahiro Saga Edit

Recuperation Arc Edit

Fushidara made his first appearance when he wanted to find out why Mr. Cunai and Mr. Seki was in the hospital. Matsumaru answered him way but Fushidara didn't answer. He was occupied with other things. Throughout his time at the Murayama House-hold, he put Matsumaru under comical events such as trying to find a non-existent torn in his side. After putting him through comical hell: Fushidara jumped out the window but not before asking if what Semaru said was true. Matsumaru lied so he doesn't have to put up with his stupid antics during the trip. It's unconfirmed if he landed safely or not.

Kyoto Arc Edit

Kyoto City Arc Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Kaishoku Fushidara means: Untidy Mess.
  • His personality reflects Hamachi's personality whenever he's acting stupid.
  • His hair being unkempt also reflects the author's hair.

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