Edward "Cunai" Yorikuma (1562 -) is Matsumaru's best friend. He excels in Sojutsu, Kenjutsu and Shuriken.

Edward Yorikuma

Debut Episode 1
Birthday 1562 AD
Age 11 (Incapacitated)
Height 5'3"
Relations Richard Yorikuma (Father)
Affiliation Miktai, Japan

Personality Edit

Edward is a some-what loyal ninja and knowledgeable one. He knows enough about Explosive Thread, taught to him by his father. During his younger years: he befriended Matsumaru Murayama, Kaishoku Fushidara, and Seki Shoheki]]. Together they become the strongest in their village; in terms of children. He learned the ways of Ninjutsu through his father.

Abilities Edit

Cunai is a very skilled Ninja. He knows the effects and, even knows how to use, Explosive Thread.

Appearance Edit

He wore the same kimono but green in color and he had long, sliver, hair in a topknot. He had black tabi socks and roped sandals. He had the piercing yellow eyes.

History Edit

Masahiro Uki ArcEdit

Uki Masahiro Arc Edit

Cunai first appeared when Matsumaru and him made a wish on a shooting star. Matsumaru said not to speak your wish and Cunai said that he should. Matsumaru wrestled him to the ground and said to never speak a wish. He is not seen again until a Phantom Ninja attacked the village. Cunai sat back, with fellow friend, Seki and they saw how Matsumaru was slugging Uki around. He left before he could watch anymore along with Seki. They appeared again when Cunai is setting up the Explosive Thread. Seki almost landed on one but Cunai stopped him. Uki made his way to the forest and Seki faced him, given Cunai time to continue setting up the Explosive Thread. Cunai was finished working on the thread when he heard Seki scream bloody murder. Cunai saw the reason: he had his right arm chopped off. He took Seki to a safe place and he battled Uki. He battled him until he released the explosives. He was buried under earth and dirt until Koi unearthed him but he was unconscious . Koi took him to the hospital; along with Seki.

Recuperation Arc Edit

Cunai remained unconscious during most the time the adults and Matsumaru were talking.

Kyoto Saga Edit

Amazon Arc Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first character in any of Hamachi's projects that has an English Name.

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